Game aspects which bug me

1: “Briton TCs cost -50% wood” No they dont. They cost -50% wood only to build, not to repair.

2: Hill Forts does not affect Town Center foundations.

These 2 are because the built TC and the TC foundation are different units, but the ES/FE devs forgot about them. Well the range didnt matter on release, but now that we have the Range indicators, it kind of bothers me.

3: TCs still cost non-zero stone to repair. This is because the cost of built TCs includes 100 stone (so that score is not disturbed), rather tha removing entirely. If it were removed entirely, the score would drop. However, upon advancing a Mayan player also loses score due to decreased value of archers and a Briton player gains score by building TCs (as explained in point 1).

4: There exist 3 different Flemish Militia - upgraded from male villager (male), upgraded from female villager (female) and available at TC (male). This was done so that score does not jump up when a 50F villager is converted to 65F 25G Flemish Militia. But now that the enemy gets a notification that Flemish Militia are researched, I dont think players need to look at the score to confirm if the cancer is coming.

5: We have buildings for every age (possibly due to Graphics), but the 2 different versions of Serjeant are squeezed in one. It can be good to have a Feudal Age serjeant version which upgrades to Castle Age Serjeant (for free obviously), so that both the forms are visible in the Tech tree.

6: Specific upgrades tied to civilizations: Harbors for non-Malay civ (after researching Thallasocracy) do not benefit from any upgrades. This is because the upgrades are coded seperately for Harbors, and as a pre-requisite player needs to be Malay. It could be easy to just add modify the Harbor in the base tech itself.

7: Explicitly defining bonuses: “Murder Holes reduces the minimum range of Castles, Kreposts, blah blah to 0”. Put simply they could have done it in 2 lines. Murder Holes reduces the minimum range of Buildings and Towers to 0, so that it includes Harbors and Scenario editor specific buildings automatically. Similarly for Andean Sling - reduces minimum range of foot archers and mounted archers to 0, rather than doing it for individual units, which excludes some hero/editor units.

8: In continuation of 7: The Indian bonus states stable units and actually affects every Stable unit individally. They could have just made +1p armor for Cavalry and Scout, which would have made it a lot easier. Not to mention it could have been better to campaign players who suffer from lack of Plate Barding. It would have made no difference in the multiplayer scene.

9: Farm upgrades are also like First Crusade and Flemish revolution: They are so timing dependent, unlike wood upgrades which affect the game just after researching. If a change could be made so that a 50% exhaused farm gets only 50% benefit from the upgrade (which can be done by using multipliers, rather than additives) rather than the 0% which it gets now, it could make the techs slightly better and probably be a nerf to Franks in mid game.

10: Adding armor classes but leaving numbers which were left by ES devs: numbers 6, 7, 9, 10 etc are unused at present, so why not use these rather than adding 34, 35, etc

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