Game assets missing warning popup when using mods

Game Version:

  • Build 34055 (Decemeber build)
  • Platform Steam

###Mods seem to cause error message when starting game. Says missing game assets or something

Reproduction Steps:

  1. enable any mod
  2. start the game
  3. pop up appears

Hey there! This is actually a new and intended feature:

Mods which contain an “empty” .smx file—which is often the case with mods that “remove” an asset from the game—will prompt the error message, since they can cause game crashes for under certain circumstances.

As such, it will be up to the mod-creators to ensure that there is not an empty or missing .smx file in their mod.



Is there way to remove error message from appearing every time? It’s annoying to always click at start of the game

In mods like useless plant remover, it’s intentional that plant file is missing or “empty”

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Game Version:

  • Build (4495784)
  • Platform (Steam)


System attempted to load an incorrectly-formatted asset; some assets will not display.

Cannot see about 20% of the map…

Reproduction Steps:

Launching a game…

do you have the mod: useles plant remover? that causes that bug

Every time I try to play on DE Multiplayer (whether ranked or unranked) it pumps this annoying message, I don’t know how to fix it even if I re-installed the game it keeps appearing.

EDIT: It appears when a game starts, after that, I have to press Ok in order to play.

You have one or more mods that aren’t compatible with the update. If you disable your mods and re-enable them testing one at a time, you’ll identify which is causing the error. Worked for me.

That was the problem. I also had to restart the game.

Game Version:

  • Build (101.101.34055.0 4495784)
  • Platform (Steam)


Playing a ranked game. After starting a ranked game I get this error message

The game still goes on, but you cannot order around any unit or create/research stuff. It’s like the game is already over.

I disabled the Mod Useless Plant Remover and it seems to have mended the issue

but that isn’t solution. people even rather have error instead of removing that mod

Everytime i start the game this display box appears and i have to hit "OK"and continue normally, but its pressing it everygame and i also get a few seconds of idle time every single game. What can i do to avoid this from appearing? Can anyone help me?

It is one of your mods that it outdated or something (probably a visual mod). For me, if I remember right, it was one of the plant remover mods.

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