Game client will not show ranks randomly on start and I have to alt-f4 restart

This strange client bug has happened since as long as I can remember and I’m just wondering if it’s only me, or anyone else encounters this.

Basically, at seemingly random times, when I launch the AOE4 client and hop over to the Multiplayer tab to try and start a ranked match, my ranks for both Solo and Team are never displayed and I am unable to Search for a match. It just sits there, doing nothing, and eventually the game will say something like I’m not connected to the internet (which is totally bogus). The client UI basically becomes unresponsive at that point, and I can’t even Quit the client via the normal method, so I have to ALT-F4 out of it. At that point, the AOE4 client window actually remains on my screen for about a minute and half, and it also blocks any other Windows applications from displaying on the screen to boot, until eventually the ALT-F4 completely closes the client.

Anyway, anyone else experience the same or just me?

Next time you have this crash, please contact support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file. You’ll want to get us the warnings.log file before restarting your game, as that will lose any helpful information. Thanks!