Game constantly crashing, single player skirmishes

Have played 6 single player skirmishes now, with different settings and maps and 5 out of 6 have crashed around the 30 minute mark.

I would love to troubleshoot the problem but I am not getting an error message, the game just locks up for 5 seconds then closes.

Are error reports saved anywhere I can share? Are there any known settings I could change on my end to avoid this issue? Are there any hardware incompatibilities I could be facing?

Really want to help get this resolved but it’s a mystery to me at the moment! Game is unplayable.

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me too, i’m also having constant crashes in my game

Me too…so do most people by the sounds of it. There have been a few patches, so make sure if you’re using Steam that you have automatic updates turned on. I have updated video drivers, Microsoft visual studio software, Windows (now at 1909), checked my virus scanner, rebooted more times than I can count, tried every game setting I can find, increased my virtual memory swap file settings, etc, etc, etc, etc…and STILL it crashes when I launch the game. I played one whole game on it a few days ago - not sure how, but it has never been able to launch the game again. It can’t run the benchmark in the game either - crashes back to desktop. I did find this in the system error log in Windows though:

Windows successfully diagnosed a low virtual memory condition. The following programs consumed the most virtual memory: AoE2DE_s.exe (15752) consumed 8173101056 bytes, AvastSvc.exe (5836) consumed 126533632 bytes, and SamsungDeX.exe (12808) consumed 80236544 bytes.

Virtual memory still seems to be the culprit. This is supposed to run with 4 GB RAM! I have 8 GB on an older laptop but it’s still above all minimum requirements. It’s an Acer with an i5-3210, 8 GB RAM, nVidia GT650M discrete video card. I’ve had no issues with other games - of course AOE 2 HD has been running fine. I can even run Crysis 2 with no issues on this laptop…why does this game NOT WORK???

I’ve found a fix!!

This solution will get buried I will repost tomorrow.

For now;

Update nvidia drivers
Reset game settings to default
Turn off water effects
Turn off fog effects
Turn on vsync

Gameplay settings make no difference.

Have had no crashes since the last update, could be the patch but haven’t crashed since then.

Good luck and reply back if you still have problems. Have been testing this for 5+ hours


I had all those same settings already - but I didn’t have vsync turned on. I turned it on and now I’m completely stable! I think you have something here…!

this fix is working today with latest game version?

Not so much…I’m now having crashes related to running out of virtual memory after the last patches - which was my original problem. I had to go into Windows settings to increase my virtual memory size (I doubled it) and now it seems stable again. This is a setting you should never have to change! (Right-click Start menu, System, Advanced system settings on the right side of the screen, Performance Settings, Advanced, virtual memory - change

Hello, fellow victims

I’ve been reposting what developers need to fix this
the most helpful thing you can do is reach out to our support team so they can work with you one-on-one:

Please do your best to provide the following details to them:

In the meantime, the team is looking at the information they have to determine whether there is a common cause amongst everyone: be it antivirus disruptions, game file issues, or hardware/driver issues that interfering with the launch of the game.

Will update the thread if/when I learn more!

how much memory do you have allocated to virtual ram?

8192 is what I’m using now - it still crashes occasionally but not as often. I have 16 GB RAM and it is completely exhausted…I had 2048 virtual before I adjusted it.