Game Crash semi-vauge issue

Game Version:

  • Current/[Hotfix 35209]
  • Steam


A semi-vauge connection between man at arms (MAA), arena & siege towers. in ~10 games ive done on arena when i use this strat 5/10 times im selecting the MAA to attack or possibly select the siege tower to move then select the MAA to attack & the game freezes and instantly crashes. Multiplayer. Its only when selecting the military units and doing something, nothing with my eco. I would normally not post this since its so vauge but on the ~50 games where my frames have even dropped a bit and other issues this is the only one where DE just NOPES it out & dies. Repeated ~5 times before I finally had enough and posted this.

Further looking into this I think its the siege tower :
This post describes the same exact issue ive been having myself.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Do a MAA siege tower rush on arena, crashes the game hard for some reason.

Full-on dead crash, no screenshots possible.