Game crash

game crash randomly
game lag
game freeze in ranked

welcome in season 5 ???

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two times when the oppponent aged up to castle age my game instantly crashed. anyone else expereince this? any solutions? is there even a problem or just random bad luck?


had the same problem, castle age and instant freeze and back to desktop

really good timing because I was so far ahead in this game :frowning:

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ok and another crash, again if the opponent goes castle age

please dont tell me, I lose points and elo every time? Because I cant even see the games ingame, only at but without any results.

otherwise I have to stop, because this makes no sense

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Yes just happened to me in a Abbasid mirror. I had already castled and had the upper hand then as soon as he hit castle boom, game crashed.

Same here, happened only when playing Abbasid twice. The second I hit castle, screen froze and crash to desktop. No error message or anything. Stopped playing them and nothing happens.