Game crashed my PC with Windows not working properly since

If you guys really take care about this .
pls solve the game setting being reset issue as well
it makes this game unplayable neither :slight_smile:

Man this is just sad, I didn’t think the bugs could get worse but this is terrible and should be patched within a day at most. Much of the casual playerbase probably has no clue that this is happening and the risk they take by playing the game.

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strongly recommend MS.

Release AOE3DE on Epic Games Store.
EGS steal your steam/pc info and MS destroy your computer.

ok stop the joke, be srsly.
I have no idea why Dev maybe received so many feedback at beta phase.
and still released the game with the terrible experience for everyone.

everytime play MP(vs AI or Human)
after 40-50 minutes, there’s have chance to make your game freeze.
I always have bad feeling about this.

Fak the FE

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EDIT: Redacting what I said. I’m still really frustrated, but I know the devs must (hopefully) be absolutely mortified and I don’t want to add insult to injury. Please just get a hotfix soon, please.

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i played a lot since the update 3 days ago and crashed several times but my pc is not affected ?

They gave you a tutorial…

Thanks for your report. Our team is currently investigating this as a top priority. In the meantime, if you’re experiencing this issue, please report it via our Support Team at to receive direct, one-on-one assistance.


I cant understand why you dont simply revert the changes and go to the other patch. I mean it must have been saved somewhere on your drives, so you could upload it as a " NEW " patch to steam and store !

This is definitely not supposed to happen, and it luckily hasn’t happened to me so far.
I’ve played 2 Multiplayer matches and everything worked out fine. Other then that I’ve been playing against AI Computer.

I feel really bad for you and for everyone else that has experienced this major bug.
And I would like to say that in situations like this the game should have been closed the moment they found this out.
Shut down the servers, shut down the accessibility, close the game until it’s fixed.
I feel bad for the fact that the developers haven’t done so already, this is a major bug.
Something we’ve not seen in the past 10 years of gaming.


I’m wondering why you guys don’t close the game until this is fixed? Have you not read that people are losing their files? this is huge


The worst part is… in beta, everything was highlighted and we asked these things to be fixed… they weren’t. Its a cash grab.


This is no joke Devs. It needs fixing ASAP, as it is not just a bug with the game itself, it is breaking people’s computers… Imagine if any of these guys use their computers professionally ?

You guys should somehow close the game until this is fixed.


my whole master thesis is gone… luckily i finished my studies months ago … but still those files are worth quite a bit of money.
edit: also i got them stored outside of my pc… but imagine if i only had that one copy lol


That is what I’m worrying about, imagine people who don’t have any sort of recent backup losing everything because of a game they purchased… Complicated.

I’ve played several games since the latest patch and have only had one crash since but haven’t had any side-effects as a result. Before the latest update, I’ve had several instances of BSoD’s relating to SecDrv.sys being “blocked from loading”.

Is there any additional information on this? I had to go to other places to find out it’s possibly related to languages set anything other than (US) English. I am currently running (UK) English as my OS language. I assume I too would be at risk?

But the biggest question is… how did this even happen in the first place and why is it happening now?

Please guys for the sake of everyone, make a petition to fix the damn game a threaten to sue!
Just like we did years ago with Age of mythology Extended! They had to fix it!
This is happening a lot a many people are reporting this!
Make a petition so people can gather and take this forward!
We can not refund the game, refunds are bing denied and in the meanwhile we are stuck with an unplayable game even with high end pcs…

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I would have preferred this game cost $100 and actually worked.


well… after reading this i’m not playing this game at least in one month i have important stuff on my PC

I cant believe i had this exact same problem a few day ago and i believed it was a virus. I lost all my dowloads and documents folder and who knows what more. I restored windows to a earlier point and at least the icons were fixed but my files where still mising. Around 15 minuts after restoring windows sudenly crashed and i couldnt boot it ever again. I tried everthing and the only option left was to formate the disc. This should be punished, at least the should alow us a refund

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Good to hear the team is looking into it. I see there has been a hotfix released today, could you clarify whether this hotfix is related to solving issues described in this thread? Based on the patch notes, it seems like no, unless it had to do with the memory leak. I hope we can assure players that the game is safe to play as soon as possible.