Game crashed my PC with Windows not working properly since

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  • OS: Windows 10

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So basically wanted to play some multiplayer games… and the game crashed when i tried to join a multiplay lobby (4 games up till then were completely fine).
Wouldnt let me open in up again… so i shutdown steam. after that steam was not working. Then i restarted my computer which found my desktop empty… all files gone. and all taskbaricons being the same… couldnt open anything there.
I proceded to do a system recovery. which failed the first time. the second one did work. the files on my desktop were back except the pdfs i stored there (pretty important ones sadly)
im currently a few hours in in trying to fix everything. Programs wont launch, everything gone from chrome. all logins gone. ye i dont know how it is possible that that could have happened.

Not sure which additional information i can give because the majority of the system is not working properly atm. Also had to repair the age 3 installation which found 800 files missing.

Documents folder is empty and so on

sfc /scannow solved atleast a few things… but the thing that i cant launch programms still exists.

I talked to someone who had the same issue a few times… only windows recovery seemed to solve the problem for him


I got the exact same problem and i know some other players does, this is a massive issue and i dont even know how it is even possible technically…
I lost 40gb (1/3) of my SSD data because of this and well, have to desintall DE.


it happened to me exactly the same thing Tuesday at 5 p.m., I was waiting for a multiplayer game and suddenly my game crashed, my task bar contained only blank pages, at the beginning I thought it was my pc , I restart and its has to delete about 300gb of data that I had on it, imagine my sadness,

so at the beginning I would never have imagined that it was the game, then I spoke to other people and other people we had the same problem then …

please something really needs to be done, a lot of bugs are still on this game and now if it starts to delete data it’s really sad


this game is so full of bugs… i mean this is fully released game… feels like a prealpha testversion.
bugs that are gamebreaking are not acceptable and a complete joke…
but bugs that are systembreaking… what the ■■■■ really… i lost important data because of it… who is gonna get my data back who is paying for the loss?


I think my friend computwr had the same problem yesterday. Wouldn’t had imagine it was because of this game.

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Exactly the same problem, and it was the first time my computer crashed


Lost all my files, all my apps, everything. It’s actually ridiculous that a game that has like 50k downloads or more was allowed to be released in this state.


LOL i thought I catched a virus somehow on my new pc although i kept it clean. I lost all my stuff of my pc too since i didnt have access to most of my programs. After many attempts to reset my pc completly, it worked after the 10th time. I’ve never imagined that this can be causes by a multiplayer game. this is just very sad


This is just sees scary but although something like that didn’t happen on the 2nd update it did reinstall whole DE for no reason ,hence wasting 35 gb of data again.

Sooo. I’ll refrain from playing aoe3 de until I hear this is fixed.

Despite all of its problems, I do like the game and believe it can be great in the future, but I draw the line at the game acting like malware.


Install Linux :slight_smile:

Yeah, well. I AM dualbooting on 2 different drives.
I wouldn’t expect it to delete files on different drives.
But then again: I wouldn’t expect it to delete any of my files in the first place…

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no, simply no shink. Solution, boycott the game till they freakign removed the censoring for 10 year olds, and fixed 99% of the crashes.


The game disappearing from Steam and requiring a reinstall is a Steam problem. Look it up. What we are discussing here is the game deleting random files from your PC.

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Ok now this is serious. balance, rating problems, game crashes are anoying but no big deal, we can wait.

But now the game is literally breaking computers? I think i will also avoid opening the game until we hear something from the devs about this.


Honestly the devs should already have taken the game out of circulation until further notice. Time is ticking and more people will sue them for this issue in the future…


Another fallen victim here

I have already backed up my files and uninstalled the game and would recommend others to do so until a dev acknowledges the issue / pulls the game or whatever.

This needs to be the HIGHEST priority for the team



No need to unstall, just dont run it.



I provide data for aoe3 programmers from:
Block during the campaign
computer restart
disappearance of programs on the desktop
startup doesn’t work, and almost nothing can be done
chkdsk and 1.2gb busy to 200gb busy
chkdsk gave many errors