Game crashed to desktop

My game also crashes, no bug report, nothing. I’ll be in the middle of playing and it will close out to the desktop and I’ll have to reload the game completely. This is the only game that does this. All my other games work perfectly. Drivers are up to date, and everything else as well.

I have 1 SSD drive as main drive and 1 HDD drive. After the last windows update, the game started crashing to desktop for me too, without any error or anything.

What i noticed is that my HDD started working like crazy when i run the game (it is normally staying there idle if i dont use it). When i checked why, it turned out that after the update Windows decided that it will use the HDD drive for the virtual memory paging file. Needless to say that made the game crash to the desktop. I disabled paging for the HDD and now the game works normal again.
So if you have HDD drive in your system, make sure the OS is not using it for the paging file. Make sure the SSD is used for the paging file.
If you dont have SSD - then it was high time you got one.

My machine has 16 GB RAM, i7 6800k overclocked to 4.2 GHz, Nvidia GTX 1070 .

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While the type of error is the same ( 3221225477 = 0xC0000005 = Segmentation fault ) the adress seems to be different. A crash at a different adress would mean it’s a different bug and should get a separate report. Would you mind to tell where you found that in the logs so I can check?

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Game crashed to desktop by clicking several times on header items of the multiplayer game list while its refresh.

Still crashes on Win 10

Hello everyone! If you have not already, we have a bunch of troubleshooting steps for game crashes over on our support page:

If you have not already, try working through the steps there to see if any of them work for you. Please let us know which (if any do), or include the following information if they do not:

  • Your basic DXdiag information (OS, RAM, Video Card, etc.)
  • Any error messages you receive.
  • A screenshot or video of the issue (if available)

In addition to these, the most helpful information you can provide are any error logs related to the crash, which should be located in one of these folders:

  • C:\Users<WINDOWS USERNAME>\AppData\Local\age2_x1\logs
  • …\Users\UserName\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE\logs
  • In the Windows Event Viewer

This information will help us narrow down the issue, as it is critical to understand exactly what might be causing the problem.

Thank you!

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Thanks for looking into this as there are clearly a lot of people having this problem. Including the group of friends I convinced to purchase the game and are unhappy to not be able to play a game without one of us crashing to desktop with no error messages. Is there a place to post the logs information?
Os: Win 10
RAM: 16gb
GPU: RTX 2070
CPU: i7 8750h
No Error Message
21 minutes IGT
1100+ Rated Game Benchmark

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I’ve experiencing the same issue on 2 differents computers.
First PC :

  • Win 10 Enterprise LTSC (v1809) x64
  • Intel i7-4770K - 3.5Ghz ~8CPU
  • 16GB DDR3 RAM and 24GB SWAP (pagefile)
  • SSD 250GB Samsung 860 Pro (more than 40GB)
  • GPU nVidia GTX 1660 Ti
  • UHD Disabled
  • No Antivirus enabled, all drivers and visual C++ up-to-date

Second PC (laptop) :

  • Win 10 Enterprise LTSC (v1809) x64
  • Intel i5-6300HQ - 2.3Ghz ~4CPU
  • 12GB DDR4 RAM and 16GB SWAP (pagefile)
  • SSD 250GB Samsung 860 Pro (more than 40GB)
  • GPU nVidia GTX 960M
  • UHD Disabled
  • No Antivirus enabled, all drivers and visual C++ up-to-date

When i’m playing AoE2:DE (vs AI), the game crash randomly, without error message, i just back to desktop.
If I’m going to Events Viewer in Windows Administrator panel, there are no logs about crash, or about the process…
The only log i’ve is the simple text file located here : C:\Users<USERNAME>\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE\logs
at the end of this file, I can find this :

“Exception type 3221225477 occurred at 00007ff6a3ec5ad3
Writing out log”

Explain me how the game can crash when i’ve more than 32GB RAM with the Pagefile (SWAP on Windows) ?
Why the only log I can find is : “Exception type 3221225477 occurred at 00007ff6a3ec5ad3” ? How can we understand this Exception Code ? No informations in support page.
Why there is no options to enable a verbose logging ?
Why Windows doesn’t record any logs in event viewer ? Because the application is closing simply ?

I paid the game, so I want a REAL support.
As a System Engineer, I don’t understand how the game can be Released with this issue. No explanations, no reals logs. Nothing.
Can you provide some explanations and find a workaround, or fix it ?

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Game Version:

  • Build (34223)
  • Platform (Steam)


So my game was running almost flawlessly since release, 0 crashes, just some real minor fps issues on max pop 4 vs 4, but after this update, my game crashed several times already (multiplayer). I don’t know what’s causing it, 1 time it dropped me and my entire team of friends, the other time it only dropped me.

Reproduction Steps:

Don’t know.

Someone else experiencing crashes?


Same here, everything was running fine, but after the hotfixes, I crashed twice now. Both times arena 4v4, first time when I hit the castle age, and second time mid way through the castle age…

Same here. Before the patch everything was fine, but now the game just randomly crashes all the time. I can only finish about 2/3 of my matches, because the game can crash at any point in the game. This was not the case before the new december patch. It happens in both 1v1, TGs and Singleplayer. I get no error messages, the game just closes entirely.

I have another problem with this 34223 I have i5 2500k and radeon card and mine frame rate in this game was around 50 fps without enhanced graphic pack but after big update 34055 i was very happy becose i was have stable 60 fps with v-sync.Game was very smooth :slight_smile: Some hours ago was little ubdate version 101.101.34223.0 4509956 and now again i have around 50 fps. I was restarting 3 times pc and same result no stable frame rate.Its no smooth now.Why they break it :frowning:

Yes, something is happening with this update. I play with 2 guys that have bought the game thorugth microsoft store and they don’t have the update yet. But players from steam yes, and we cannot play together. 20 years from the original and here we are. Microsoft…

I’ve crashed both before and after the recent updates. Sometimes it freezes and gives a “has stopped responding”, while other times the game just instantly blips out to desktop and is closed with zero warning, at any time. Crashes are infrequent, but still happen about once per 10 hours of game time. And with sudden disconnects happening every few hours as well, it adds up to a lot of dropped games.

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i have the same problem, only my game stops without warning and goes to the desktop and the game has stopped


Yep same here, Crashes to desktop with no error message

Same here, second time now. Game just closes with no errors, about 20 minutes into a game of Forest Nothing. Nothing in Windows event log. No new logs, latest log is Main.txt which is blank. I noticed 3 other players randomly disconnecting before I did. Like the plague was going around.
This problem did not exist for me prior to the December 17 patch.
Multiplayer: WESTUS2
I do have mods so I could try ruling some of them out but… it’s looking like a common report.

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Same, I played two teamgames, one got crashed in the middle of castle age and the other got disconnected for all the players at 7 minutes.

Thanks, I won’t be playing Teamgames anymore due to these annoying crashes.
It also got crashed in 1v1 steppe ranked when I hit castle age.

Again today, All 4 Games I’ve tried today in the last 2 hours. Games closes no errors.

Same here, crashes randomly when playing with my friends with no error message
Any fix yet ? (I’m on the Windows Store version, all my friends too)