Game crashed to desktop

Game Version:

  • Build: Version 101.101.32708.0.4381514
  • Steam


Game crashed alot. Crashed when playing while with AI, crashed when specting a game (twice), crashed when loading a campaign.
The game just freezed and disappear…
I have 8Gb RAM, is that low and cause the game crash?


I have the same version and on steam as well.
This happens to me too.It crashes a lot.
I think there’s memory leak, I think it runs out of memory and I have 16GB of memory.


I also have this issue but only when using Enhanced Graphics (UHD). When UHD is on game crashes instantly when running the Ranked Benchmark Test. Also crashed after some time in Single Player mode. No issues with UHD off.

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My game crashes when the game itself is loading (random game, campaign ect.)

Same for me. Sometimes it’s crashing during the cinematic sometimes when i chose to play standard game ( During the loading screen of the game ) . I use steam as well.

Yes, with UHD enabled it crashes in single player etc…after some time.
And when trying Ranked Benchmark Test it crashes before it gets to start it.

Just bought Aoe: 2 DE

I try to start a standard game, and the game crashes on loading screen every time :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Before that, I got into the game once and saw that all the buildings and trees were completely green.

What’s going on?


Tried playing a campaign as well. The game still crahses on loading screen.

This is so disappointing!

I have 12 GB ram
i7 processer
Geforce GTX 1060 6GB

I should be able to play this game!


For me it doesn’t even show an error message, can navigate through the menus, change settings, but when I enter a match (singleplayer or multiplayer) the game just closes, without any error message.

Windows 10 (Version 1903)
Geforce GTX 860M

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Trying to run the Ranked Benchmark found in the graphics settings menu. Transitions to the loading screen for a moment, freezes then crashes. With windows popping up saying the program has stopped working. Music is still playing in the background. Anyone else having this issue? Windows 10, Xbox beta app

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Game Version: 101.101.32708.0 0


  • As above game simply disappears while playing during the Campaign. Currently playing through the Sundjata campaign and on both maps the game has just decided to disappear with no crash/error message, or reduction in performance beforehand.

Reproduction Steps:

  • Not really sure what to put for this ! Just seemed to be when moving units, both times being a different composition. Initially i had thought it was because i was downloading the Enhanced pack, but 2nd crash happened after this was completed.

When you say it disappears, do you mean that it crashes to desktop? No errors appear?

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Same thing for me.

But mine happens when I load into the second map for the Cumans campaign. When I skip the narration part and the game starts loading the map, it freezes for a few seconds and then instantly closes the game.

It also closes Discord for some reason. Never seen a game do that before.

EDIT: I verified the files, nothing downloaded. So I unticked and ticked the DLC “installed” box on Steam, then opened the game, unticked and ticked the UHD option, then ran the ranked benchmark. That fixed it, at least for now.

Same here. My screen turns blue and then computer restarts. It happens when I’m just playing single player and do not have the graphics dlc. It does it every time.

I have the same problem too. The game crashed when I try to get into the campaign. The game is also likely to crash in scenario editor.

Same issue with UHD checked. Unchecked I can run everything set on ultra at 4k with no issues. I hope they sort this out.

Changing the virtual memory settings fixed the problem for me.

As I was thinking, there is a problem with how the game manages the memory.
I think I may have deactivated the virtual memory and the game fills all of my RAM and then fails because it has nowhere to expand.
@TheTalich Any idea how big your swap file gets after a longer session of playing the game?
This can present a performance issue as well if the game would need data from the swap file.

@JexBall can you guys look into this?This is a major problem we are having here and it looks like it is happening for everyone/anyone that has 16GB RAM or less.

What swap file are you refering to ?

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If you have the virtual memory set up, Windows would create a swap file usually on C:\ , hidden.
When you run out of memory will use that swap file as memory.