Game crashes a lot!

Especially 4v4 game, i feel at least 10% of the time the game will crash in the middle. really need the reconnect function. otherwise it’s not playable

So where are the infos, warning logs ?
There is a template for reasons, noone can help you if you just complain without giving info´s.

there is no info, just flash out to desktop without any warning, or sometimes it would just jump to after match conclusion page even when the game is still on, and all i can do is to click the quit button and end the game. I don’t think it’s my own problem.

Mine just crashes to desktop all the time.

No delay, warning or subsequent popup.

You get the warning logs here:

C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\Age of Empires IV

There is a file named " warnings.txt " …
now if you also tell your pc specs, and what maybe could have happend in the game before it crashed, you gave all the info they need to find a possible fix and patch it into the game.

Then, don’t complain and be silent forever.

@CrosstownPiano1 Please do consider sending your warnings.log file and DxDiag to contact after a crash. It really can be helpful in fixing the problem.


Honestly next time I will try and grab some info on it mate.

I’m just running a 3060ti and i7 (no idea what gen if I’m honest lol)

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Ok just loaded up the game and got a crash while matchmaking, where do i find the warnings.log please?

ignore I just read the post above sorry

sent that over to the contact you provided. Looking through the warnings log it states:

‘createcustommatchsemimodalpage.xaml’ is corrupt! Unable to continue.

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ok, i got the file, but the file is too big now…hard to locate the info for all the crashes before. but i’ll send them next time it happens

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The game closes by itself at any moment after the summer patch.

Sorry to hear this @Richgamer231868! Please contact support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file to help us figure out why you may be seeing this crash. Thanks!