Game crashes after the lastest patch 6.1.130

I have been playing this game fine for the past year and just last week update crashed the game for me. It crashes as soon as the intro video starts playing and then there’s buzz sound and the entire windows crash and i have to restart my PC. I meet the minimum requirements to run the game and i have tried all the solution provided by aoe4 forum and support. Even mailed the aoe4 support with dxdiag and log files still no solution.

Contacting support is the best path here—which it sounds like you did. Any time there’s a new patch/update we keep our ear to the ground for any big issues. We try to iron them out as soon as humanly possible.

Don’t be afraid to bump your email to support.

As a gamer, first things I would personally try are to update your graphics card drivers and make sure both OneDrive and any antivirus aren’t in the mix mucking things up.

The buzzing is weird…might try updating any audio drivers and unplugging any USB drives or anything that might be causing any sort of driver conflict.

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The support got back to me with a suggestion to disable the integrated GPU which worked but now the games run at 1-2 FPS and I checked its running on my dedicated GPU only. I don’t know what the issue is but I have tried everything I could possibly think of including updating drivers and Windows, even going to the point to reinstall Windows but nothing seems to work.

I even considered it might be a hardware issue so i have stress tested my GPU on furmark and temps and performance are all optimal and stable.