Game crashes as I settle down a landrmark

This started happening after the latest patch. It happens about 5% of the games and it is game breaking: straight back to desktop. I know several other people have the same issue.

It happened quite a few times as I settled down Palace of Schwabia and Dome of Faith. I select villagers, I select landmark, then as I click to settle it down game crashes.

Hope it’s going to be fixed

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I just had this issue twice in a row, English, advancing to castle age, as soon as I start the Kings Palace landmark it freezes and quits to desktop. Never had issues before this. Both times was multiplayer, 3 v 3 and a 1 v 1.
Played another game as English 4 v 4, built the other landmark, the white tower and it didn’t crash.

There should be a fix for this coming. That said, please still contact support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file after you crash. When we get this data, it can be SUPER helpful.

Thanks so much!