Game crashes/ freezes every single time - is my hardware the problem?

My problem:

I passed the hardware test and was eligible to play ranked games. During the hardware test i could see the game running smoothly

But once i can find a team for a ranked game and the loading screen starts ( where i can see all players of the game) the game crashes ( windows message: no answer from the game)

I also have the same problem, once i want the see the statistics of other players in the custom game rooms. The game crashes.

My hardware

I installed AOE2DE on my notebook with the following specifications:

Aspire 3 A 315-41-R9V0
AMD Ryzen 3 2200U
AMD Radeon Vega 3 Mobile Graphic Card
8 GB DDR4 Memory
256GB SSD Harddrive

So my question is, as in the post description:

  1. Is hardware causing this problem? I am confused because i pass the game hardware test, but on some “can i run this” websites, it says my graphic card doesnt support the game.

  2. Or is it a different problem causing this error?

Thanks in advance.