Game Crashes in Sforza Mission 2

Game Version: 101.101.33315.0

  • Build 4426672
  • Platform Steam


  • Game Crashes after I capture the second town closest to you
  • Even if I reload the map it still crashes, tried restarting, checking driver for update and verifying game cache

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Get first 1 town by ship transporting monk with relic and running towards church while troops have used ladder siege to get over and distract
  2. Collect all of the camps excluding the one with the hero
  3. Use a fire ship to get rid of the sea wall and bait the ship there into the tower
  4. Use Ram and troops that have jumped over to distract while you use a transport ship to run the monk with the relic into the castle
  5. Wait up to 20ish seconds

Can’t attach a screen shot but will provide video evidence if the reproduction steps aren’t clear