Game crashes too much!

After the recent patch update, the game is experiencing a non-acceptable high frequency of game crashes.

It is so frustrating to see the happened all the time when there is a new patch released.

All the players I know are complaining about this issue.

Developers, please sort it out ASAP!


Me too!

I have a post complaining about this topic.

A lot of us have this problem. RAM is not the issue.

Its been over a week, but we can’t play the game.

The Devs know of the issue, but won’t tell us if/when it will be fixed.


This is happening to me as well. Have tried everything. Some evenings 100% of my games have crashed. Now just resigned to waiting for a fix. Real shame, in nearly 3k hours of playing, I’ve had no major issues, but now it’s so broken it’s not worth evening loading the game up until a fix is found. Even single-player crashes so no idea what’s going on.