AOE 2 DE crashes after twenty minutes of ranked multiplayer gameplay


After the last update whenever I try to play or spectate a ranked multiplayer game, the game crashes after almost twenty minutes of playing or spectating, without giving any error messages.
I have Windows 11 with the latest updates and the latest graphics drivers installed.
I have a Core i5 12600KF with 16GB of RAM and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3GB.

I send the logs in the next link.

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Thank you!

does it auto close to desktop?

Yes, exactly. It closes completely and returns to the desktop. Without throwing any error message.

Just a question: Does it happen with just one save only? Or does it happen during almost all games?

Are you having the game on Steam? You might wanna verify the integrity of the games files. Maybe that will solve the issue. Not sure if this is available on xbox/microsoft store.

Other option is to unsubscribe from all mods. One of your mods can be the root cause of your issue.

This is a common issue with a lot of players since last update. My game crashes on average 20 min after launch whether I’m in campaign game, main menu, multiplayer or senario editor.


Same here, game completely close to desktop, no advise, during multi-player the game is running normal then completely closed since last update. Dev please fix, I have already reinstalled the game, removed all mods, update drivers, windows…

My pc has amd 3600x cpu, nvidia 3080 Gpu, 16gb ram, windows 10.


I have the game on Steam. I already checked the integrity of the game files and it didn’t work, I also uninstalled and reinstalled the game but it didn’t work either. I disabled all mods and the problem continues. And the game has crashed whenever I spectate or play multiplayer.


It only happens to me in multiplayer, playing or spectating, it hasn’t happened to me in the campaign.

I have unsubscribed to test but still crash. I don’t think its the mod


Same problem. Tried Windows 11 reverted to Windows 10, fresh install of graphics drivers, uninstall, reinstall, verified integrity of files, checked firewall…

Please fix!

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Try reducing your RAM clock speed, or running a memtest. If you can rule out bad RAM, then it’s likely a fault with the game. But please do run a memtest from a flash drive overnight.


Thank you for your suggestion.

Last night, I ran the MemoryTest86 memory test and it did not detect any errors in the RAM.

Yesterday afternoon I was playing campaigns without any problem, but then I tried to play a ranked 4v4 and it closed before 10 minutes of play.

The MemTest86 result:


RAM is not the problem here. There are too many people with issues following the latest update.


So let me see if i got it right, the game was running fine before and suddenly after a patch it broke and started crashing, i guess ur random access memory(RAM) is faulty or your overclock(xmp profile), go change your hardware and perform a memory test that surely will help…

I don’t want to be disrespectful with the guy but there isn’t a single sign that his memory is faulty or else he would get BSOD with the memory-management error, random crashes without log report in the event log means it was an app crash non related to hardware.

What has always been an issue with this game since its release is the virtual memory or pagefile size, go to settings and increase it, random crashes and invisible farms were all related including invisible units in early builds.

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I did not overclock the ram and I am crashing, so game definitely has problem.

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Same here with a R53600 / Nvidia1650S and 16 Go RAM on windows.
I reinstall, remove mods, update windows and gpu drivers but bug still here. Now I can’t finish any of my games, it crash before 10-15 minutes of games and back to desktop.

Dev pls fix it pls :slight_smile:

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I show you a screenshot of my computer’s virtual memory settings.

Initial size: 2922 MB

Maximum size: 16000 MB

Does it have enough or does it require more?

I was just able to play a ranked game without it crashing. The only thing I did differently was not have discord open when playing. Maybe the problem could come from there, but I can’t be totally sure.

And there’s dead silence from the Devs about it other than “we’re tracking”.

Cool, quit tracking and actually fix it. The game is unplayable.


16 gb is a bit too much, remember that space is used from ur ssd, leave it a 8 gb.

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