Game crashes when mod list is loaded in "Browse Mods" tab

This issue seems to be resolved for me on v. 34397.

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While you are correct about the symptoms, it is actually far from impacting everyone. This is why we ask for additional information (such as the dxdiag and any error logs from the event), since it will help us investigate and work on a solution for those who are directly affected by the problem. =)

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The game will automatically close when you click to browse the mod.
It was good before, this problem suddenly appeared today

Deleting saves in the game will also crash

Supposedly this bug was fixed in a previous patch, but I only experienced it for the first time a couple days ago. From what I’ve read, it was clicking the Browse Mods tab that caused the crash, but for me it only happens if I attempt to click on anything in the tab, like the sort and filter functions or the mod names themselves.

I have already gone through the troubleshooting steps, and did not get anywhere with them. I uninstalled all my mods, reinstalled the game, restarted my computer, etc. Additionally, subscribing to mods on the site does not cause them to be added to my in game mod list, despite the fact that I am logged into XBL on both. I have tried logging out and back in, as well as restarting the game, but it never downloads the mods.
2020.02.13-15.53.20.txt (5.0 KB)

Haven’t gotten a reply about this on Steam, hopefully someone responds here…

The problem persists after updating today

I found that the game will automatically close under win7 and normal under win10, but the mod does not download automatically under win10

Deleting auto save under win7 and win10 will cause the game to close

Unable to update mod automatically: When the mod is updated, the game automatically deletes the mod file, but the updated mod file cannot be downloaded.And subscribing to the new mod will download

I just found that downloading from the mod server is very slow, not impossible

Deleting the last archive causes a crash