Game crashes when using multi tech mods

Game Version:

  • Build 35584
  • Platform Steam


I am a mod developer for AOE2DE. Whenever I create a data mod that contains additional techs, and specifically with a large number of techs (2000 < #techs < 32767), researching those techs can sometimes crash the game. The same happens for everyone I talked to, so it doesn’t seem like it’s on my end.
I’ve identified two main exceptions at the root of this:

Exception type 0xc0000005 occurred at 00007ffxxxxxxxxx crashes the game immediately once I start researching some techs (appears random, one tech may crash the game in one match and work fine in another)

Exception type 0xc00000fd occurred at 00007ffxxxxxxxxx happens mainly in the late game and is apparently not associated with starting a new research

Ill just remind you that all those mods worked well in AOE2HD and previous versions of the game. This issue started with DE

Please work on this, 256x tech mod is one of the 10 most popular mods in the mod manager and it doesn’t even work, so I think the community would appreciate a fix

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Start a game with a datamod (specifically multi tech mods). I created this mod just as a demonstration of the issue.
    Another mod you could try is 256x tech mod - Trinh, which is currently the 9th most popular mod in the mod manager
  2. Start researching technologies until it crashes the game. Warning! Do not use the aegis cheat while researching techs, because it appears to not crash in this circumstance

I have this exact same problem. I’m also developing a mod with a lot of techs, and the 0xc0000005 also shows up in the logs after a CTD.

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my mod didnt have this crash problem until the most recent April 30th AGE3 and .dat update.

my techs aren’t even that much only about 850 techs so far and two of the new techs starts to crash already and it is random, sometimes they work just fine and sometimes they crash when researched, this holds true with either aegis on or off.

can the dev please fix this problem this is single handily killing some mods all together.