Game crashes while playing

I’m getting the error message:
“A running process may be interfering with the correct operation of AoE2 DE. This may be cause by anti-virus, software, malware, game overlays, or other active processes on your PC. Please go to for more information.”

See screenshot below as reference.


  • Steam User
  • Computer meets minimum requirements

Troubleshooting done so far:

  • I’ve already reinstalled the AOE2DE completely from the computer.
  • I’ve already verified the integrity of the game files through this setting in Steam
  • I’ve already whitelisted the program with my antivirus
  • I’ve closed all applications from my computer (including some services)
  • I’ve updated my video drivers.

Thanks in advance for all the help you can provide me!


I’ve done the exact same thing and still getting the same problem. This is very ■■■■■■■ annoying


I just played a 2 hour bf game and it dropped just as i cut the trees
This is a great new feature Age of Empires. Keep it up


These are the steps I’ve taken:

  • Verify the files integrity using the Steam built-in option to do so
  • Completely Reinstall the game and delete any remaining folders
  • Completely Reinstall Steam and delete any remaining folders
  • Update my DirectX
  • Update my video drivers
  • I’ve ran a scan looking for malwares, whitelisted the AOE2DE path and disabled my antivirus (Karspesky)
  • I’ve reduced the msconfig startup apps to the minimum
  • I’ve attempted to open the AoE2DE_s.exe directly from the SteamApps folders
  • I’ve enabled the full control to the whole Program Files>WindowsApps folder structure

I’m extremely frustrated.


I hate to say it OP but I don’t think anything gives a ■■■■■■■ haha. Doesn’t look like anyone’s coming to help

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There’s another topic/thread for this, check it, I’ll try to follow up on that one too, it seems to be the same issue: