Game crashing after latest hotfix patch (seems Blackforest more often), mdmp attached

nothing that I know of right now. they either update in about 1 week because wololo legacy is over, or they wont update anything for at least 1 more month.

they need to fix this quick it’s unplayable

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Heard from people that hardest ai is not crashing, so that can be a work around with handicaps

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that is good to know. hardest AI and extreme doesnt differ by THAT much so it might be a workaround for now.

basically blackforest is like 80% chance crash for us. any other map has much less chance.

I hate the bugs too, but at least handicap can save it a bit

We are investigating these crashes when there is AI involved :slight_smile:
Thanks for your reports!

I will “confirm” that hardest AI doesn’t seem to crash, so we’ve been playing on hardest with additional AI handicap

it seems to be 8 player size map + hardest AI crash the least.

even with hardest difficulty it still crashes a lot for us on blackforest if the map size is giant.

When will be the next update and will this problem be fixed?
Me and my friends are sovling it now by using hardest AI with handicap but its not quit the same…

no idea, probably end of the month or early next month.