Game Crashing in Quick Match whenever our team is winning

Hello, I’ve been playing 4v4 with a few friends. Every game we end up having winning momentum the game crashes. I believe someone on the other team is making the game crash instead of receiving the defeat status in order to save their elo, or whatever. This is a serious issue and if it keeps happening I don’t think this game will be playable (even with the little ability there is now).

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Thats what happens when u have servers together with Asia

And I really doubt they can even track such a people since in most cases:

Players hide their match history - Why is there even such a stupid feature Relic please?
(like am seriously thinking they are bunch of low IQ employers)

  • So u cannot make a guess who is droping every game and report him

A lot of matches are not even recorded in match history after this - you simply spend 30/40 mins in a match which simply did not happen.

I call this game unplayable since 1week
And thanks to this is getting only worse and worse.

Game on itself with some VERY SIMPLE balance changes which should be changed within 24h btw. would be total banger BUT such a game-breaking exploits like bugs or exploits (which where thank God fixed after 2 months - TOPKEK as well)

And guess what? Now we have a huge Asian wave of game-crashers aka droppers/leavers who are not gonna be punished :slight_smile:

Players hide their match history - Why is there even such a stupid feature Relic please?

  • On top of this I take a quick look on players match history during load screen.

If I would see a player with last 30 matches where 12 were wins and 18 no results I would alt+f4 during loading screen already.

This game is anti-fair players with those stupid features

Sorry you all are running into players like this. We are aware and working on it.