Game Crushed cause Player hacked it

He said “now time to leave” and game crushed right after that.

We could not even report him or block\

if u need proof i have replay (MP Replay v101.101.35584.0 @2020.02.29 193807 (3))

Sry if it is wrong topic
but it is bug

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That’s the known desyncer, changes name regularly to T90Official, MembTV etc…

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What steps is to the report player?
Cause we cant do it in game.(

I think you can’t report, if the game is desynced. So I think it’s good to report here and see if anyone responds and if they will take action.

Plenty of people have reported the very same guy on Aoezone. I have, and I know a few others have used the ingame report function against him, but it’s hard to provide evidence through that platform. No action has yet been taken against him. Same guy is also trying to sell his “desyncing tool” through Twitch chats and in the actual game.

I have 7 games which he has blatantly desynced, if needed I can send the recs. @moderators Could you please take care of this culprit?