Game differences between steam and gamepass

I would like to know if there will be any difference between buying it from one site or another, and the possibility (in my case) of stopping playing it on gamepass and playing it on steam keeping everything I get from gamepass. Would it be possible?

Do you mean like saves and stuff?

As far as I know Steam and Gamepass require different accounts / usernames so no, there should be no cross saves.

The difference between the two is if you buy from Microsoft directly, you cut out a middleman, and give developers more money. The downside is you’re going to have to use a different video game store front for a single title.

Also it can cost more.
Now for my country price in $ currency for MS, it’s about x1.5 more than steam version.:slight_smile:

PS with aoe2 or aoe3 was same story: game cost more than in the Steam. (price in MS was in local currency)

If you buy on Steam, you would probably get achievements from Steam and Xbox (just like Aoe2DE and Aoe3DE). If you play on gamepass and buy it on Microsoft Store, you wont lose your progress

I actually think there would be cross-saving. Only because when the Stress Test launched, I was one of the people who couldn’t get it to download on Steam, and so I installed it on Windows Store. Then when I got steam working, I re-downloaded it and played it on Steam, and my level progress was still there. I may have linked accounts somewhere somehow, not sure, but that’s how it worked for me.


I can’t guaranty that but it seems like in AoE2/3DE the unlocks from events are linked to your Xbox account and not your steam account.
For example if you bought AoE3 on Steam you have to log xbox to get access to the USA if you unlocked them via the event.
The Xbox app also shows achievements for games (Like AoE1-3DE) you bought on steam.

Stuff like savegames might be manually transferable.

The MS-Store version doesn’t have the Deluxe Edition either, it’s confusing.
Did an Intern do that?

But than again. Microsoft Flight Simulator never manages to release everything on time. It’s always a few hours late.

Lol it’s actually the exact opposite for me, on MS store the game is significantly cheaper then on Steam atm. So I guess it depends on your location.

I mean save my level, my progress online … everything I get

and thanks for all the answers

when I played age 2 I had to enter my microsoft account (I played from steam) that is that are united, right?


and really, thanks guys

Yeah pretty much.
I’d assume it will be the same for aoe iv