Game download data repeatedly when change language

I guess it is because the documentary, the game needs to download a 6G file when I change language.

It is fine.

However, when I change BACK to the previous language, the game needs to download another 6G file. I guess the language file is just being covered rather creating a new file.

Please solve this problem.

This seems more of a feature, rather than a bug - reduce size on disk by keeping only one language at a time. Especially if they made the effort of localizing all cinematics (didn’t know they did). if it cached each language you can end up with a 100GB game.

True, an option can be added to clear language cache, but how often do you really need to switch languages?

They don’t need to cache 10+ languages. But at least two language: my native language and English. Sometimes I just want to know the name of unit and technology in English.