Game feature suggestion: removing one unit out of selection

Why should it be implemented:

For many times, I want to select a specific amount of units, like 8 villagers. Currently it can’t be done very easily in this game.

Inspiration from:

They are billions

feature description:

Select any amount of units, like 10 villagers. Hold “Alt” (Or any remappable key) and click the unit icon in the bottom left window to decrease the number of selected units by 1. Therefore, if I want to select 8 villagers and I accidently select 10, all I need to do is to hold “Alt” and click the villager icon twice.


This is a very good suggestion.

currently it is done with shift + click on the unit you want to deselect

Yeah, but to select 8 villagers crowded near town center is a very challenging thing. Especially when you select 12 vils and you want to make it 8.