Game feature suggestion

I would like to have the option to add friends to watch the record with me , i think most players would love to see this feature implemented inside the game.

and thank you for the amazing work done so far


Not sure if this is really a popular request…

I can see it being useful for duo casters that casts save games, so they are exactly at the same moment in time.

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In voobly we used to create rooms and watch recordings with friends to analyse games to see our mistake and improuve , or just watch records of tournaments with friends while talking on discord .

Sure this feature is much needed by casters but also casual players.


Yes good for us casual players similar to Dota 2 Watch tab.

It is good to have. However based on how Starcraft 2 handles this feature, I’m not sure how buggy it would be.

Still, I can see it’s usefulness and would love to have it added to this game.

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Why dont you just stream your POV to them?

Because when watching a VOD together, both can focus on different stuff; when streaming POV, both see the same stuff. I used to play a lot of SC2 2v2 (on a decent level), and I often watched VODs with my partner. We naturally would focus on different stuff, but when we had something to say we could just pause and talk about it, then continue the replay.

Ofc you can just do the same by starting at the same moment and count down before every unpause, but its just more annoying that way.

Someone made an add-on in Gary’s Mod (sandbow game) that would allow people to watch videos together very conveniently and I got to enjoy it quite a lot before it stopped working. I can definitely get why people would want something like that for AoE recs.