Game finally become to go in beta version, lets celebrate (READ OR DIE)

Hi guys, the next patch annoucement looks so good,
So im celebrating with you. Siege + bugfixes, that was what i want. Now just more maps with water, bugfixes + more balancing, and delete or better improve that ■■■■■■■ forest map with tight paths aka wonder win bull*hit there, and make Delhi more good?

I was playing before 2months upset from game developing, , from my view it was early access pre-alpha, i dont know if they finally boost them. Are fire lancers ok now guys?

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still alpha after patch. not even close to beta

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here is annoucement, was didnt find it in the website.

Haha, I am more concerned about the repair of model errors than the adjustment of balance

Haha :smiley: I think after this update the game will become to be playable, so im calling it beta version :smiley:

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NO NO NO , my friend when you were gone , delhi became REALLY STRONG . And its dominating.


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yeah since you are afraid to respond to my response in your topic , i can see why you are so silent and avoiding to respond me kid. You are disrespectfull as hell and nobody on here wants to even debate with you .

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Haha of course FLs are ok because I never see them again.

That sounds good :innocent: