Game fps plummets after 10-15 mins then crashes

Got a new Pc other day. Game ran fine on the old one but on my new rig the game runs fine for 10 to 15 mins then starts to lag horrendously to about 2 fps and then will crash shortly after.

Game is on steam, pc has an i9 ######## rtx 4090 24gb, 32gb ddr5, windows 11 and Installed on a Samsung 990 m2. ssd.
So specs isn’t the issue. I’m running the game in 4k with the uhd graphics but it doesn’t make a difference if I disable this or run it in 1080p same issue occurs. I have tried unlimited frame rate, 144hz locked {which is my monitor refresh} 60hz etc. All makes no difference. I have reinstalled graphics drivers. Ive even reinstalled aoe2 and verified game files in steam.

Other games I’ve tested so far all run flawlessly in 4k on ultra with 0 issues, only aoe2 had problems. I noticed Ram usage was surprisingly high when the game was running, like 70% so I suspect a memory leak is to blame.
Load on gpu and cpu are quite low and temperatures are all fine <50C

Hopefully there is a fix for this.

Hi @Ghost-Ember
Try disabling Nvidia, Discord and Steam overlays, it’s an external issue than can cause memory leak. Try also adding the whole folder of the game to your antivirus exception list(if you are using antivirus).

Thanks @Felizon89

I added the game folder to exceptions list in malwarebytes and played a full campaign mission without an issue. Which I couldn’t do before. So that seems to be the issue. Weirdly I played the game for years on my old PC with malwarebytes installed and never had anything in the exceptions folder!

Thanks for your help, keep up the good work.