Game freezes and then runs up


I just bought a new gaming computer with an rtx 2060 card. I tried to play some AOE2 DE but i have several problems.
When i play the regular settings on ultra / high the game starts properly but after a while its constantly freezes and then tries to catch up every time in speed tempo after 10seconds. I have no idea why this happens, any clues?

Second problem is with the enhanced graphics. When i download this pack the game crashes when i start it. I already removed everything, the game worked fine 1 time and when i close and restart it keeps crashing at the startingscreen.

Thanks for the help in advance.


This is old servers bug , still waiting for fixing

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Same, bought a new computer rig. GTX 2070 Super. Game is now freezing every 20 seconds for almost 2 seconds. Very frustrating

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