Game Freezes/Dropped Connection at Random Intervals During multiplayer Play

Please fix this bugg, it is so annoying!!!

I’m so tilted, i posted here 2 weeks ago, but the problem just stopped suddenly, unfortanetely, it seems like it came back, I just lost connection in 2 games straight, and it’s more annoying because I know that I’m screwing other people’s matches

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Yes it has NOT been fixed. I encountered at least 1 player disconnect in each of the 3 matches I played last night. I have made multiple posts on this yet so far we havent heard anything from devs on this.

This is still happening as of today, with a server maintenance that has been done on Tuesday or Wednesday. Has anybody figured out a fix? Also, idk if anybody noticed this but today i “woke up” to the game having all mods active. What?!