Game freezes every 15 seconds for about 3 seconds each (no FPS drop issue)

Issue reproduction
Performance test/Resources monitor

I’m currently experiencing some constant freezes. They occur approx every 15 seconds and last between 2 to 5 seconds each, which obviously makes the game unplayable in online mode

What I’ve tried so far:

  • Setting Game Mode on W10
  • Lowering monitor resolution to 1080p@60Hz
  • Checking/Unchecking V-Sync
  • Checking/Unchecking UHD DLC
  • Every optimization tip
  • Limiting FPS to 60 and 30 (leaving in-game V-Sync disabled) with RTSS
  • Running game as admin
  • Setting high performance on W10 Graphic Settings to the game
  • Reinstalling the game on an SSD
  • Clean W10 reinstall.

My PC specs:

  • CPU: Intel i5 8600K@5Ghz
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 1080ti Asus Strix
  • RAM: 16GB@3200MHZ
  • Monitor: 2k@144hz

I participated in the beta testing program and it did not happen there.


This happens to me exactly the same way, and also I am experimenting freezes every time I start a new match. My PC specs: i7 7700, GTX 1070, 16GB RAM

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Please let me know if you find something to workaround this issue, It’s so disappointing that this game if performing worst than it did in the beta

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There is no response from those responsible for the game.
I feel ripped off, I paid for a game that freezes all the time.

From the screenshots, the freezes are due to heavy swapping.

On my system, with 2560x1440 high settings, during the benchmark the AOE process has a peak private bytes of :

  • 16GB with UHD graphics OFF (so >=24GB RAM required)
  • 24GB with UHD graphics ON (so >=32GB RAM required) : I’m sure this was similar at the end of the beta

Note that this is on a system with 32GB RAM, so perhaps the game allocates more memory if it tunes itself automatically.

I don’t know if there are options to use less memory, but there must be something, since most player don’t have 32GB. The +8GB for the UHD textures might be somewhat understandable, but the baseline seems too high.

I have the same issue, it’s only when I play games online. I have no lagg what soo ever during AI games and had no problem with the performance test. I have a 100/100mb internet connection which works just fine when I check on that during the lagg spikes.

I have the same issue, I’ve tried contact ‘AOE Microsoft’ several times with no response. We live in a world where people aren’t held accountable for things not working and good customer service.

I FEEL YOUR PAIN… This is the most frustrating issue because microing is possible when the game is freezing.

My PC specs are much higher and I get the same issue… so it’s not your PC.

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And there is not even support in these forums man, i made a poll yesterday to revert to the other patch, the answer by the few that voted is NO, which mean most users here don’t even play the game, they just probably watch t90 and other streamers and they are happy cause they are watching the old patch not the anniversary one.

Game is unplayable and a disgusting experience full with stuttering, delay at commands and 10 fps multiplayer experience in 4x4 after 150 pop.