Game freezes in multiplayer civ selection

:arrow_forward: GAME INFORMATION

  • 101.101.43210.0 5867313#: 4#####
  • PLATFORM: Steam
  • OS: Windows 10

:arrow_forward: ISSUE EXPERIENCED

When i am entering in a lobby in a multiplayer custom game and try to pick a civ the game freezes in civ selection page. If i leave it in random civ i can play. After the freeze i need terminate the program from task manager and re-open it.


Same, screen freezes frequently. Either I Alt F4 or play was already chosen.

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I get civ selection game freeze on ranked. So I can only pick random.

When in multiplayer unranked, very laggy UI when going into tech tree / civ selection.

When in multiplayer I get:

  • game freezes / lags any time someone (same / opposing team)) ages up
  • I get horrendous lag mid-late game (game becomes a powerpoint)

I have:

  • i7 9750H
  • gtx1660ti
  • 16gb ram 2600mhz
  • game on SSD1tb

I have gone through all the support recommendations for improved performance.

I never had this kind of lag / poor performance prior to the anniversary patch. I am also not alone, many people I’ve seen have had this issue.

I also get this when playing unranked games. Same with the friends I play with. The only one who can choose civ is the host of the lobby. If anyone else tries to choose civ, the civ selection page is frozen, you can’t exit and have to close the game via task manager or something.

It works fine in ranked games.

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But I found a work-around of sorts.

Apparently, I thought this problem occurred when I launched the game from Steam after receiving an invite from a friend.
On the other hand, when entering the lobby from the boot state by accepting an intra-AoE invitation, this problem did not seem to occur, at least in my environment.

To be sure, my environment information is listed below.

  • Windows 10 2004 (Build 19041.685)
  • AoE2:DE version: 101.101.43210.0 5867313
  • Steam version: 1608507519 (Steam API v020)
  • Lang: Japanese
  • Core i7 4771
  • 32GB RAM
  • GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER

Same issue, the host of a game can choose but the other person get stuck in the civ pick screen. It doesn;t matter how many times you try to reenter the game after Alt-f4. The issue stays there until you restart the PC or change the host.

+1 here, same happens to another friend as well

Same issue as the others. Some friends and I play vs the AI in private lobbies and this happens 50% of the time or more. If we have the bugged player and they relaunch the game, and I remake the lobby, the problem goes away. Unless both of those things happen the bug seems to persist most of the time, though it’s somewhat random so it’s hard to say for sure.

This makes it pretty difficult to get a lobby with 3 friends going because of how often any one of them might end up being bugged.