Game freezes/Lobbycrash really often after update

After update the game freezes really really often after the 13 minute mark.

2nd game now in which the game completely freezes for me and my premates.
From time to time it speeds up for a few seconds but it basically forces everyone to close the game, cause it’s mainly frozen.

It’s absolutely unplayable and completely broken now…
I hope it’s some server sync issue that is beeing hotfixed really quickly and has nothing to do with the updated client itself…

Supposely has something to do with the endlessly stacking abbasid spearrange crashing the lobby.

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Funny, I was thinking of posting about how I had noticed more reliable frame-rate performance after the patch. I guess It fixed some things and broke another’s… it seems to be the motto of this patch.


Please contact support here with your DxDiag and warnings.log file. It’ll help the team narrow why you’re freezing.