Game Freezing or forced desync?

I don’t know if it’s a bug or if its some kind of exploit, if its a bug then ill report it in the bug section… What does it look like in game when the enemy cheats and forces a desync to win?

Lately I’ve been doing almost exclusive drushes (as opposed to previously there was a mix) and making a number of people upset by walling off mines or vils etc (i know from the messages i get in game chat theyré upset) and since my rushes there has been an increase in the number of times where the game freeezes.

Every time it has happened I have been winning (which isnt all the time) , the game will act like its been paused or a super lag, but i can still scroll around and select things, but give commands etc, but when i do, nothing happens and all units are frozen in place, it gives the audio as the units are responding etc.

I would assume its a bug ofcourse (like desync or something) but it only happens when im winning… I dont care about the effect it has on my elo, but want to know what it is…