Game gets "stuck" just before starting the game

All the game works fine, the problem is when I try to play online. The loading screen pops up and stays there forever, I can hear other players sending the random messages but the game does not start. How could I fix this?

I’ve been having this similar issue the past 2-3 days. While it was fine before.
Was about to make a bug support ticket.
Anyone else know?

Oddly enough, I was able to get in a game just now, but took quite a while.
This used to be faster. Is this a server issue maybe?

Still nothing for me, it just stays there “loading”… I downloaded the game with the Xbox Game Pass is it the same for you?

Nope, I’ve been playing via steam without using the xbox game pass.

It has nothing do with the xbox game pass… I had the same problem - fixed it by disabling my virus software, in my case “Total Defense.”

I suggest turning your virus software off (not eliminating them, just turning them off/exiting) and you will get past the stuck loading screen - easiest to do if you play in windows mode

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Weird that this suddenly is an issue. Did something in the updates before hand change?