Game in Offline mode

Game Version:

  • **Build: unknown
  • **Platform: Microsoft Store
  • **Operating System: Windows 10
  • **Gamertag: VidfamneOrigin


I ran the game successfully last weekend. When I tried to start it today, I received an error; the game is offline…

I started Store and the game wanted to upgrade, but wouldn’t continue.

After this, there is no Icon anymore on the desktop, neither in Startmenue nor under Apps in the Settings…

I try to re-install in the Store, but pressing Install doesn’t help.

I’ve rebooted a couple of times. I ran the troubleshooter for Store in Settings. But it still won’t reinstall.

As the game doesn’t show up in ‘Apps’, I cannot reinstall it nor deinstall it.

So what else can I do to get it to work? Preferrably without loosing my saved games…

Reproduction Steps:



Cannot get any

These are the screenshots I managed to make. 1) from beginning 2) after Install 3) from upgrade 4) upgrading. And from there nothing else…

this is a known issue and not yet addressed, i think you’re out of luck unless you can reinstall everything or test it from a friend’s computer or something.

I did have to reinstall everything. It took ages and a lot of reboots, new reinstallations etc to finally get it up and running.

The only problem remaining is whenever I get into saved games from within the program, it takes several minutes to populate the list. I don’t have a clue why.