Game is crashing constantly after anniversary update

Game crashes every time we try to start a 2v2 quickmatch. We tried with old civs too. Game closes immediately after the loading screen.

Hey @ekantor! If you and your gaming friend could please contact support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file, it would be greatly appreciated.

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I noticed the game was acting weird in the afternoon and it crashed on me when starting a quickmatch too. I think this was just during a brief window in the afternoon. The servers were never fully taken down, no specific timeline that the update was going on. It was like half-updated and things weren’t working right for a bit.

I did a clean install on a different computer, same issue, crashing.
I’ve also tried single player skirmish, it crashes too.
Please note that this crash comes to my friend as well, and to me on 2 different computers. Before the patch it worked perfectly, and went wrong just after updated.
Probably it’s an issue with the update, something has been changed in the software that causes the crash.

I was testing it more with different settings, and it seems that game crashes on low graphics settings but not on high. I’m going to test it more to find out which setting actually causes it.

Same issues here.
Game worked perfectly fine before anniversary update.
Now, usually crashes after finding opponents and finish loading the map (just before starting the game). But sometimes crashes after 5-10 minutes of playing - very annoying as makes me lose rank and waste lot of time.

Have a good laptop. ASUS ROG, with a i7 processor and Nvidia GeForce RTX2060. 32Gb RAM
Starting the game from Xbox Game Pass on PC.
Checked the logs and couldn’t see anything relevant other than:
(I) [12:23:30.066] [000006984]: Loading step: [Additional crash information]

But don’t see actual errors. From the logs I could see it’s using the Nvidia graphic card.
I deleted the logs so I have more clear information once this happens again (although at this point I don’t even want to start a game anymore).

I just saw there is an update for the graphics card drivers so updating those.

This is surely happening to many people as in some games the opponent “abandoned” just after the start. (Although doesn’t happen with some friends I play with - they play through steam though so maybe only xbox game is corrupt)

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Looks like a hotfix has got to be made in solving this problem!


Same here, just try a 2v2 match with a friend, blue screen first, and 2 crashes just before the game start
I tried in 1v1, i reach the game but crash like 2min after

I have the latest nvidia drivers

^^^this…the more of you that give info on this issue, the more likely it is fixed in a timely manner.

I want to add that this is a problem that happens to me as well, and did happen even before the update. I sent 2 tickets about this problem with the requested files but never got a solution for this. The response to the tickets is allways: “try to reinstall, update drivers, disable antivirus, …”. I tried all those solutions multiple times, but the problem still remained. The only thing that reduces the crashes is by doing restarts with all non microsoft services disabled, but even then I get a crash once every 3/4 games

I have a very similar issue. About 1 out of every 10 games I have a crash to desktop with “application” error on loading screen. And sometimes it crashes mid-game.