Prepare for the barrage of apology posts.


Apology posts? What do you mean?


Some people who have been complaining will apologise after playing it.

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We shall see. I’m thinking all the usual complainers will trash it

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Ohh. Eh I kind of doubt that.

Besides, I don’t think someone who had/has complaints has anything to apologize for. Well other than a couple specific people who can’t manage to disagree about it without being complete assholes the entire time, but obviously they’d do nothing of the sort anyway.


I doubt that they would apologize. Surelly they will just shut up and enjoy the game because they might think that by not saying something positive about the game after constantly throwing trash to it, will save some “”“dignity”" if they have some.

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You know that we have a stress test which everyone can participate right?

I am amazed to see that all feed back was put in a trash can and that game feal like a downgrade from closed beta.

Except of that, game feal fun and very forgiving for new players.

The units have higth hp and low damage, taking time to die and allowing player to conter or react to players reaction.

Not a next generation of game or a flag ship game, but a tiny game to play on the side line, at a higth price.

It feal monotone and quite empty of content or game mecanic.

Clearely not a game for me. XD

Hope other people get some fun.


Best news about this? This means we’re closer to getting an AOM:DE or an AOM:2.

While I’m enjoying having a new Age of Empires game to get my teeth sunk into, it feels like it needs a bit more time in the oven.

I’ve just rage quit out of an Art of War campaign because of the unit pathfinding. Using Cavalry in a wedge formation against archers is actually worse than just having them run in. Formations should be a positive to the unit type advantage not a negative?

Also Cavalry and Spearmen both carrying the exact same polearm is both confusing to the eye and to the idea that Spearmen would have an advantage over Cavalry.

I’m distilling my thoughts into these two points but the fact is, the game feels pretty unbalanced and requires a bit more polish.

I’ll come back in a few months and see if this stuff is fixed. Have fun everyone who does have my pedantic brain!

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I think I read elsewhere in the forum that wedge formation is worse than no formation just due to the nature of melee battles in the game not working like real life. There was more reasoning there, which I forgot, but it made sense. I never used formations anyway so that’s not a big deal to me :slight_smile:

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To be honest, I may have found myself a new favorite game. Zoom is still quite a big issue unfortunately though. There are also a tonne of bugs, but it did just release so I’ll give it time.

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I started a thread asking if there were any bonuses or something applied to it, because otherwise it has no purpose. Nobody knew, but so far I have seen no evidence that there is.

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Are you sure? This game at this current state is a “meh” for me. To be honest I am disappointed quite a bit. After all feedback from the community, it looks like they didn’t change a damn thing starting from zoom level and so on. There are lots of problems that needs to be addressed. Check out my post for details.