Game is right now unplayable (due to trade glitch)


Games right now are unplayable. I’ve played some games this week, and almost in every game, you can see someone putting 5 markets near neutral market, to do the trade glitch.

It’s ridiculuous, just played a game where a guy had 100k gold at min 20, where the other players, the maximum was about 10-12k gold.

Obviously, this glitcher doesn’t need to have villagers, because he can buy everything with gold, and can buy a lot of stone to simply put castles everywhere.

Most of them are people playing with mali, where doing this + landmark to get food, you simply don’t need more than 20 villagers.

You could say “well, you can do the same”. Yes, I can, but this is an exploit, and makes the game unplayable. Turns the game into “i’m going to reach imperial by buying every resource, then mass 150-180 MAA or equivalent and destroy your whole bases”.

It’s not fun to play against exploiters.


Play 1v1 and pressure them earlier if they go so heavy into trade.

Then you won’t have anything to complain about…:wink:

Ignoring team games as a “solution” of this doesn’t seem like a good solution.

This needs to be solved ASAP.

One can get to imperial in less than 10 minutes with infinite gold doing this. What’s the difference between doing this exploit and hacking the game to get resources?


Currently its only a TG issue at low level in fact, bc during the past few weekends we saw the pros try to pull off “glitch” trade and got varying results.

However another thread was created about tbis and a dev said they are looking at this.

Personally I’d be okay with the trader having to do the full round-trip or making the “gltich” into a discount, like you onoy get half the amount on first pass sonce you only traveled half the normal distance.

Alternatively if they made it work only the “normal” way, something has to be done so traders dont lose their gold completely for being tasked to do anything causes them to stop.

it worse in teamgames because their teammates can defend them
had a guy with 6k score while everyone was on 2.5k score

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Depending what you consider low level. I am in plat rank, and almost in everygame there is someone doing this.

The strategy is easy and uncountereable.

Just get to feudal and put every worker on wood and gold, then send a few villagers to the neutral market and another to a far point. Build 3-5-7-8 markets, as much as you can near neutral and train the traders.

If you put 5 markets, and everyone carries 300 gold (normal numbers for a long distance), you will have 1500 gold in minute 7 aprox.

Doesn’t matter if they kill some traders, clue is train as much as you can, non stop, then you can have near 5k gold at minute 12.

Even if they manage to kill the traders, you already got an advantage.

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I wonder if that’s the reason why I have a losing streak like never before (HRE, not trading). I went down from Platinum II to Gold II, with almost no win. Close to quitting the game, because the sudden superiority of the other gamers is inexplicable.

Or I just suck, all of a sudden.

You can check this easy checking the amount of gold he collected, or directly checking if he has put markets near neutral market.

Yesterday I’ve played a game where a guy collected 50k gold, having 40 villagers. Me, playing as HRE and collecting 6 relics, and having 20 villagers on gold, collected 45k.

And he lost the game, because I’ve flooded his base with MAA and landscheneckts and killed near all his buildings and almost all the traders and the markets. Even doing this, he collected more gold than me, cutting his trade routes like 5-10 minutes before he surrendered.

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I play only rush mode now, often I have success if another teammate follow me in this rush.
If let them trade booming is over

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