Game is SUCK Lag

When people going Iron with 1600 populations for all players,
Mode lag is coming and like ■■■■.
before steam game is okay, but after merger with Stream
Game time wonder run out fast than army moving lol
Fixed for future or we all going dead game


Me too I have this problem. :frowning: Only since the merge with Steam.

Sometimes I’m getting killed by noobs because I can’t even command my units decently… It takes twenty seconds to draw a box around my units… (This happens in 80% of the games I’m playing, sometimes it’s doing it right in the first thirty seconds of the game, at stone age rofl)…

I played a 4v4 dm on the old platform a while ago, and I was never getting under 30 fps even though it is very high population, meanwhile on the new platform i get 1 fps in late game. It has to be the servers or something