Game just closes

My game just closed on me without any warning. Not the first time this happens. The time at which this occurs also varies, in this case it was at 34 min, other times it’s way over 40. No significant events happened as far as I know. (Wall pillar deleting/…) since then often the game freezes before crashing. It’s a well known issue by now, especially in the treaty community, and we would like to see the “fixes” which are mentioned in the patch notes about every time actually work for once. (Crashes caused by pillar deleting still occur as well, even though the most recent patch said “crashed caused by deleting a lot of structures are fixed”.)

Record Game.age3Yrec (5.2 MB)

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I’ve had the same issue, unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t have a good support system (like Nintendo or PlayStation). Hopefully, you were able to solve it, if you haven’t yet I recommend you look for a Youtube tutorial I’ve found much more help there.

Take care!