Game Lagging and Unresponsiveness

Has anyone else been having lagging moments like right when aging up or just randomly, it seems to have started a patch or two ago…

Seems to mostly happen in multiplayer games, symptoms include music starting to loop in certain segments, the screen freezes, aoe3 not responding infinite circle appears, and after about 10 to 15 seconds the game resumes and the villagers go through a very fast forward speed in order to catch up.

I have noticed this happens sometimes without causing freezing but some boxes will load very slowly at first with black squares then their respective icons.

And to whoever would suggest it might be hardware related, I don’t lag in other games or have any issues, drivers are up to date:

System Hardware

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
RAM: 48 GB

Graphics Settings

No experimental features enabled.

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Have similiar issues :confused:

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Try to enable asset preload.

I have enabled asset preloading and the problem still persists, in some cases its worse.

I also uninstalled and reinstalled the game, still having these issues. Verified integrity of game files as well.

I get a lot of lag spike on local wifi, might be worth checking if you use it.

otherwise check your cpu and gpu performance when you play to see if anything is throttling, if yes then check your drivers and computer hardware.

Issues occurs with “Record game” and without… Yeah I am starting to suspect it is some sort of internet / connection problem but then again I don’t have issues gaming for other online games at all. I definitely notice the yellow turtle indicator on scoreboard on my end sometimes,

Might be a caching issue perphaps. Check nvidia CP and increase cache size. I use 10gb but I dont play that many other games, if you play a ton of different games then maybe you need higher than that.

Make sure thermals are good, check CPU and GPU usage during gameplay etc etc. There are tons of tutorials out there for game performance.

BTW your graphic settings are awful, FXAA is trash and no shadows but everything else high settings? Your system can more than handle everything at max settings, but if you want a nice looking game, dont use FXAA and turn on shadows at least. If you have a 27 inch monitor or less, you dont even need AA @ 1440p.

my guess here is following, this has nothing to do with your hardware, instead its internet latency, you mention multiplayer very specifically, thats my take, i’ve seen this happen plenty of times whenever multiplayer is involved, this doesn’t occur on your specs with singleplayer, and it doesn’t matter how good your connection is, even best fibre lines are affected by this, game isn’t always prioritized thus increased latency for couple seconds for instance