Game lags in multiplayer games, only me(other players do not lag)

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  • **GAME BUILD #: 101.101.45340.06228353
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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The game is freezing for time periods of around 1 to 10 seconds, and then everything happens all at once, making the game completely unplayable. This has never happened before the latest updates. Other players in the same game are not reporting that they freeze when I do and this has rendered multiplayer ranked play impossible.

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In some sessions it does not happen at all, then all of a sudden it happens in three matches in a row. Very erratic have not recorded exactly how many times it happens. I’d say about 15% of the total matches played, but sometimes it can happen often.

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Multiplayer game: both team and 1v1

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Does not show in recording of game.

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same goes for me. im connected through an ethernrt cable and it doesnt happen in other games.

I’m just gonna 3rd this…

same for me

and then opponent is like " but mine is fine"

like i care if his is fine, mine is laggy

It is now becoming unbearable…ladder play impossible. Dropping an extra game every now and then because of this.

Are you guys hosting the game when feeling lag? It seems to me that the game is more laggy for the host. When I hosted a game, I felt lag and my friend didn’t. Then my friend hosted the next game, this time he felt lag but I was completely fine.

It happened both when I hosted and both in auto-matches (both ranked and unranked).

PLEASE DO SOMETHING. I have now lost more than 100 elo due to having to resign due to this issue. It is very erratic and lag is being only form my part, but not my internet connection or PC because I’m checking. I only play multiplayer, and this has made the game completely useless for me. I am currently making a community in my country to promote the game. But I am on the verge of stopping everything and asking for a refund. At least acknowledge that this is a real problem and whether it is occurring to other people. The worst part is that somehow this is one-sided lag.

share some dxdiag and other info to help pin down the issue. provide more info

Same here, never had this problem until now. Games starts well as usual, but after 5-10 min it freezes and then I can’t do anything, after 30 or 40 secs villagers move very fast to match the other players, and game goes back to normal. Only happens once per game, but its very annoying. Usually when going from Feudal to Castle age.

Hello! Thank you for reporting this issue, and I am sorry you’re experiencing these troubles. If you have not already, please be sure to contact our support team so they can collect the proper logs and files to help the team diagnose and fix the problem:

Be sure to include a copy of your dxdiag file so the team can rule out any (potential) hardware incompatibilities.

I hope they hear from you soon, and that we’re able to help you find a solution! :+1:

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Solved! I unselected the MODS of february and now works well as usual

It stopped happening, I don’t know why it happened. If it happens again I upload the diagnostic file.