Game length?

How long will be each standard game in Age 4?
I hope we get a fast paced game, with an average game length of 20 minutes (like Starcraft 2 and Age of Mythology).

Having a large unit roster available in early game would be great as well. Perhaps you could specialize in different units, such as calvary archers, slow tanky units, healing support, or small rams.

Let’s hope for a great game!

I personally prefer the game in an AOE2-like speed.

I feel like it’ll be around here or longer (because the scale seems larger.) one thing they brought up botj with DE and IV is how the community said don’t touch the combat and the combat has a lot to do with the pace… maybe they shorten up techs to get to combat faster but…doubt it. Also if mongel’s major thing is movable bases and nomadic style they’ll need a decent about of time for games otherwise why move if the game ends rather quickly?

Perhaps in a faster game you can move your base following hunter villagers, or to make a forward outpost.

Anyway, I just want to point out that in games like Starcraft 2 or Age of Mythology, you can see a huge variety of tactics at the 6-minute mark. Almost any idea can be worked out. It doesn’t matter how long the game is afterwards, you just continue upgrading.

In Age 2, you have to wait 11-13 minutes to start seeing cool stuff like Cavalry Archers, Unique Units and Rams. I think Age 4 could benefit from avoiding this in 2020… it would help getting the attention of casual players and the E-sport public.

I believe that quote about not touching gameplay was in regards to AoE2DE. The pace of AoE games has increased since AoE2. I enjoy faster pace myself.

Lead designer for the game has worked in Command & Conquer games in past. And if you are familiar with those games, well, let’s just say, your hair grows an inch by the time you finish a campaign level. I love it, but I would prefer little faster game nonetheless.

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he said it again in regards to AOE IV. It was originally for DE yes but he mentioned it again in some of the discussions on 4 with using player feedback.

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thanks. I didnt see that

As far as i could read, you can have fast paced games but, you can still have those 2 hours lengh matches if you want to.

I believe that everything will depend on the gamemode that you want to play and your playstyle.

I think there will be some war modes for fast matches for those people that enjoy face paced games focused more on combat and then you will have the classic and standard game mode for those veterans who still like long and titanic matches

More options will always be welcomed.

Treaties in AoE3 are a good design to choose your favorable game length (though in practice AoE3 games are still pretty fast).
Also beginning and ending age selection as in Rise of Nations would be a good idea. There can be smarter designs that enable customization of game length.

I think since AOE2 and AOE3 (I never played AOE) had this, then it will be there as well

Current AoE games cannot customize ending era I suppose.

You can select to start in Age 1 and end in Age 3. I’m pretty sure