Game loading screen complex team layout. It needs a more organized and clear screen. can write a team on the left and a team on the right. There may be "VS" in between

On the loading screen, don’t you think the teams look too messy?


I think the entire loading screen is messy/lazy
Hell, the entire game

I’ve seen a suggestion somewhere (can’t remember where) that suggested this also with a map picture and description on the left of the frame, kinda similar to aoe3.

They made a screenshot edited to show it, and it looked rly nice, I wish I had saved it. Hopefully they will stop by this post and share it again.


I hope that Age of Empires 4 is constantly improving and getting more acclaim. Thank you for your constructive criticism and support. I was very curious about the shared screenshot.

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I get confused every time I am in a loading screen.


Absolutely I agree.I totally agree. I’m confused too. Simplicity would be nice.

It is just the entire UI and is the worst in the AOE series


La pregunta que nunca dejo de hacer a mis compañeros es: ¿A qué mapa estamos jugando?

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The beauty of life is in the details.