Game locked at 60 fps

I did not play the game for a long time, I recently came back and realized that my fps are locked at 60 fps even with vsync disabled in the game settings. Before I managed to disable this lock on the control panel of the video card, but now, even disabling vsync there remains limited. I was wondering if an update was released that limited the fps or any help to solve this problem.

It’s an RTS game, not CS:GO you don’t need high frame rates. As long as the game runs without crashing, it’s perfectly fine.

thanks for the comment, but you didn’t answer my question: /


If you go to post 8 in this thread I’ve linked you’ll notice that a dev by the name of GMEvangelos stated they’ve capped the game’s frame rate to match the monitor’s refresh rate so if you have a 60 Hz display you’ll only get 60 FPS. Game capped to 60 frames per second, even outside menus - #7 by BenjLike

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Oh, so they really updated. Thank you very much for enlightening me, dude. Sorry to take your time, thank you very much again, sorry if I sounded rude in my comment above.

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It’s ok. :slightly_smiling_face: (char limit)


Which gfx card do you have? Since the last Radeon software update I have been managing to get AOE to run at > 100fps. Previous to that I also couldnt find any way to exceed 60 fps.

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Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050

On top of this most animation in the game are done by sprites. For example the archer attack animation runs at 43 frames per in-game second (=73 frames per second at 1.7 speed). Having a very high refresh rate wouldn’t even affect how these sprite based animations are shown. I think only the mouse pointer will benefit from running the game at higher fps.

Scrolling would benefit too.