Game Mode Updates: Regicide

Regicide is Cool

I needed a heading, so that’s what you’re getting.


The game mode needs new life breathed into it; My proposal is simple, and has floated around the Discord for a year or so at this point.

Make Regicide a universal game mode, and make the Regents in-game versions of each civ’s AI Personality.

Example: You play Spain, you choose Regicide as your game mode, you pick Texas as your map. What should you get?

Alongside the usual Spanish starting items (explorer, crates, villagers, etc.), you would get:

  1. A Wild West Fort
  • Originally I had though that a fort based on your civ would be best, but then I realized that a lot of civs don’t have that. Instead, designate a fun style of fort to each map - the “Wild West” maps, like Texas, Great Plains, or Dakota would get a fun fort, but then the European maps would get a typical fort from whatever culture their map is based on.
  1. Your civ’s AI Personality as an in-game character
  • This one is the most fun. You’re playing Spain? Now you’ve got Queen Isabella as a unique Regent you have to defend. Each AI Personality would have unique abilities, like mass healing or bombs or the ability to act as a villager… etc. Interesting things to make each civ’s AI Personality unique to their culture and unique to their style.


Regicide is cool, and I wish it got better support. It, alongside King of the Hill, could use better support and more players.