Game need seriously more water maps

Bruh, can you pleas add more naval battles. Like in aoe2. Everytime only ground wars its boring :frowning:


Game needs fewer water maps. I don’t like mongolian heights. It should be custom game only map.

I agree. Naval is an integral part of the game.

Water shouldnt be between you and your opponent. Age of empires 3 has great water map models that could be locked at where water is on the side of the map and not between you and your opponent. This way the option to go water or contest it is there. So far nagari even though not exactly the best map, it is the best water map imo.
Also water balance needs work.
French are way too dominant in water maps right now, and I speak as someone who mains french. I get that its kinda of a civ identity thing. But hulks were designed as a counter to arrow ships, which all other civs have it in age2. So it may be worth it considering replacing the hulk with something else.

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I was missing a map, where couple of rivers flow into a big body of water (lake or sea).
aoe2 had really good hybrid maps, also in the Campaigns, where water was an essential part of the game, and not for fishing.

Also sometimes I wish, some maps would have water for decorative purposes, like a small stream, where you cannot build a dock or sail it, but also cannot just simply cross (only at crossings/bridges). Similar functionality like a cliff, just different visual, and maybe you can shoot over since plane.

Maybe the game could use a mechanic, where different class/category of ships is limited to water depth, or at least some water does not allow the huge bombard ships… On Danube river, or other Mongolian heights, it sometimes feels very strange when someone brings out the huge ships. The small fishing boats are ok…

This might also help to make water viable again, where you might loose the sea against the big heavy ships, but can still control the shallow rivers and fish there…

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yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes it is goooooood

Yes please add more water maps. I liked the water maps from AOE3. Water maps belong to any Age of Empires.

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