Game not launching - Steam

I finished playing the starting tutorial, changed several graphics settings which forced me to close and restart the game, but it’s not launching now. Rebooting the PC didn’t help.

When I hit the “Play” button in Steam, it tries to launch the game but nothing happens (no errors and game doesn’t run).

If it’s of any help, I changed my screen resolution and texture quality while in-game and that was the last thing I could do.

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Well, I just figured it out, but I guess it’s worth keeping this post alive so anyone else can find it if facing a similar issue:

If you have “ransomware protection” enabled in Windows, you need to add an exception for the AoE IV launcher “RelicCardinal.exe”, otherwise it won’t start. Strangely it did launch the first time after installation.

Hey there, more information on this can also be found on our FAQ here:

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